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The Moral Conundrum - An action thriller
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Thriller - Novel
         by CS Runn

A story of betrayal and trust.

Reed Stanton is a navy fighter pilot and dedicated family man. A combat veteran who was assigned to work with navy SEALs overseas, he is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and with small firearms. His experience on the battlefield has caused him to struggle with the morality of killing combatants in war. He doesn't want to do it. You can't unsee dead bodies.

Out of nowhere, his life at home begins to crumble. Betrayal is everywhere. Facing struggles in his marriage, friends that turn on him, and no longer trusting of his military chain of command; he is framed for murder. Who is doing this and why? His only way forward is to continue to trust people. But who? Reed must unravel this mystery to restore his world. But can he?

All roads lead to a terrorist plotting an attack on a San Diego air traffic control facility. On a collision course with a madman, Reed faces seemingly insurmountable odds as he races to stop the attack, neutralize a terrorist, confront his own moral demons, and reclaim his life.

Thriller - Novel
                     by CS Runn

A category four hurricane, a twelve-foot storm surge, and catastrophic damage. What else could possibly be said?

This is the story of the survival of a father and his son during the most devastating storm to hit Florida in ten years. Though Sanibel Island in Florida was vulnerable, they chose to fight it out. An unforgettable story!

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 hurricane hit Florida and worked its way up the east coast of the United States. This disaster caused damage that was estimated to be $67 billion. Thousands of people were displaced. Homes were lost, and lives were ruined. This is just one of those stories.

This short story is a provocative look at losing everything and the importance of a helping hand. A quick read.

Legal Justice
JUSTICE: A Short Story
                     by CS Runn

This work of fiction is a short story about the unintended consequences of government involvement in our lives. Set in Utah, the central story is related to the following question:
Contrary to the intent of existing law, is it possible for the state of Utah to order an abortion when the mother doesn’t want one?

Utah State Bill 0174 provides the backdrop. SB 0174 bans abortion in Utah and went into effect June 24, 2022. The law is being challenged in the courts, and it is currently not in effect. The current law bans abortion after 18 weeks. Regardless of the current law, the premise still holds.

Consent, parental rights, and a judge legislating from the bench all collide in this compelling work of fiction.

                     by CS Runn

A new work coming soon!

This is a behind the scenes look at the writing of THE MORAL CONUNDRUM. It contains spoilers but provides additional insight into the characters. Readers will also learn about my writing process and perspective.

Also a story about Lifting Magnets.